This morning Kyle and Jackie O caught up with Sam Smith, and found out what he’s been doing during his hiatus.

Besides watching ‘The Great British Bake-Off’ marathon and eating cake – and STILL managing to stay skinny GRR! – he’s also been working on his new album.

‘I wrote 100 songs for that album,’ he revealed.

‘But ‘Too Good At Goodbye’ just felt right to start with.’

Kyle then asked the question we all wanted the answer to… when is Sam coming to Sydney next?

‘I love Stonewall, I love gay clubbing in Sydney, it’s my favourite thing in the world.’

‘I’m thinking of coming to Sydney for New Year’s Eve. This year just for fun, but I’m going to be there next year to do a promo trip and of course I’ll be touring there at some point.


‘Australia holds a very dear place in my heart, so of course I’ll be there.’

Kyle then invited him to the KIIS1065 New Year’s Eve Party right by the Harbour Bridge, and Sam gracefully accepted.

Look like we’ve got our midnight act sorted.

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