Sam Frost has finally opened up about the one that got away, (yay for us) Richie. 

Frost told NW that she didn’t want to hurt Richie’s feelings by “taking him through to the finale” saying “it was better that he left when he did.” 

“It killed me” she said, referring to when she offered the rose to Michael Turnbull, leaving her in tears. 

But, turns out it was just out of respect for Richie’s feelings that she didn’t take him all the way through to the finale. 

It was one of the most emotionally charged rose ceremonies of the season when Sam Frost said goodbye to Richie Strahan and, for girls around Australia, we rejoiced. 


The 30-year-old rope access technician was not only a dream boat in every way possible, Sam has just revealed that he was her real runner up. 

Sasha Mielczarek was Sam’s ultimate man, winning her heart at the finale. 

In other bachie news, according to New Idea, Sasha and Sam are house-hunting in Sydney with plans to move in together within the next year AND tie the knot soon in Fiji! 

The 30 year old construction manager Sasha revealed “We’ll move in, travel together, hopefully not kill each other … And then I’ll drop a knee.” 


Source: dailymail

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