It turns out the producers of The Masked Singer are going after people close to our very own Jackie O for their celebrity contestants!

While we previously learned that our Sports Reporter Beau Ryan auditioned to be on the talent show, we heard this morning that ANOTHER one of our regular guests was asked to take part!

And nope, it’s not our resident psychic Georgina Walker or Dr KIIS! Turns out the producers went after our Gutter Politics guy, Sam Dastyari!

Sam revealed the news to Jackie this morning on the show, but said that he didn’t get very far because he reckons he can’t hold a tune to save himself!

“They asked me to audition!” Sam revealed while congratulating Jackie on her new TV role as a panelist.

“Did you actually try?” Jackie asked.

“No, this voice singing doesn’t get any better,” Sam continued. “I can’t hold a tune.”


He continued to explain the audition process, and revealed that he actually had no idea what they were asking him to audition for!

“They don’t tell you, they’re kind of vague with these kinds of shows,” Sam continued to explain. “So a casting agent will call and say, ‘Can you just send in an audio tape or a video tape of you singing?’.

“I thought it was for X-Factor or one of those kind of shows that have been around before because this is obviously new.”

Sam revealed that while he’s no stranger to the occasional karaoke stint, and even revealed his go to tune (Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-a-Lot if you were wondering), he felt way too embarrassed to do that on national TV! Even in disguise!

Well Sam, how about on a live radio show? To end the segment Kyle decided to play a bit of Sam’s song of choice and dared him to give it his best shot!

Let’s just say, it was VERY entertaining! Check it out in the video below!


The Masked Singer is a new show coming to Channel 10 that will see known celebrities compete in a sing-off but in complete disguise! It will then be up to the panelists to guess which celebrities are singing.

The panelists include our very own Jackie O, Lindsay Lohan, Dannii Minogue and Hughesy.


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