If you thought sitting in on parliament sessions would be a bit of a bore, think again! Apparently they’re much more wild than we could’ve ever imagined.

Sam Dastyari came into the Kyle and Jackie O Show this morning to deliver his Gutter Politics segment when he told us a story about just how rampant heavy drinking can be in parliament.

“First thing, drinking in parliament, in the house or in the senate” said Sam as he introduced the controversial topic of conversation.

Sam told us that the topic had been brought up in the news recently after a state minister was caught being a little bit tipsy in parliament. However, our political insider revealed that this is not actually an uncommon thing.

“Drinking in parliament is a big thing, all doing it, widespread, because it’s late night sittings,” he said.

But according to Sam, our pollies aren’t just going to town on a bottle of grog and just sitting in their seats as they listen to other politicians debate policy. He told us that they’re actually voting on various things while pissed!

And apparently the parliament chambers actually have special rooms to help them get away with it discreetly.


“What people don’t know is that there are a couple of secret rooms beside the entrance to the parliament. They’re called the lobbies,” explained Mr Dastyari.

“Traditionally what they used to be there for is that senators and members can sit and think privately and talk privately before going into the chamber to vote,” he continued. “But what it ends up getting used for is if you’re maggot drunk…they sit you in that room beside, someone will physically drag you into the room to vote, take you back out and you’ll just sit there.”

Kyle was shocked to hear that the people making the laws could at times be inebriated when making important decisions for our country. But Sam continued to say that it doesn’t really make a difference because half of the time people have no clue what they’re even voting for!

“No one knows what they’re voting for,” said Sam. Most of the time decisions get made in party rooms before hand. Nothing’s one vote. Everything has like 70 votes attached…There’s always other rubbish around every vote.

“There’s actually positions called whips. So each party has someone who, when you walk in you look at them and they say how you’re going to vote and it’s all been decided beforehand. Most parliamentarians have no idea what they’re voting for.”

So basically our parliament is full of drunk people who have no idea what’s actually going on? Great! Although Sam said we should never really use the term drunk. In parliament they use codes so as not to embarrass people.


“There’s code. So you’re never allowed to call another member of parliament drunk. You say, ‘so and so looks tired and emotional’…That is code for they are pissed off their face in the chamber.”

Right well on that note, enough politics! It is a Friday so we’re off to get a bit, ugh, tired and emotional, at the local!

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