It’s been a big week in politics with the announcement of the 2018 federal budget, but it’s also been a big week in the parliament gossip department because Sam Dastyari had a lot of tea to spill when he was on with Kyle and Jackie O this morning.

Speaking of tea, Sam usually has a scandalous story to tell us about another politician, but today he had one about himself! And it involved him leaving his office to get a cup of tea.

Let us explain. A person, who could only be identified as an international celebrity, was in town to promote their charity and so Sam decided to host them at parliament house as a sort of ‘welcome to Canberra’ shindig.

But what started out as an innocent meet and greet with a famous movie star ended up turning into somewhat of a scene out of a movie.

This celebrity and their entourage were hanging in Sam’s office in parliament as they waited for the event to start when Sam offered to get them a drink. And this is when things took a shocking turn!


“I’m being really polite, I said ‘anything I can get you? A cup of tea or coffee?’ and he said ‘I’ll have a glass of green tea,” explained Sam.

“I go out to get the green tea, I come back in, and I’m maybe 30 metres from the chamber where my office used to be, right in the middle, big glass table, I walk back in and he’s lined up, to the untrained eye, maybe two and a half grams of COKE!”

Holy moly! Whoever this celebrity was, they sure were brave to bring that sort of illicit substance into FEDERAL PARLIAMENT! After all, Sam explained that they have highly trained sniffer dogs throughout the building!

Find out what Sam did when he walked into this compromising situation in the video above!

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