If there’s one thing that fascinates us here on the Kyle and Jackie O show it’s paranormal activity!

We’ve even gone out of our way to try to record some of our show at one of the most haunted houses in Australia to see if we could capture anything! (oddly enough all of our recordings were mysteriously deleted…Spooky!)

And so of course when we heard about what had happened to Sunrise co-host Samantha Armytage at her own house, we knew we had to call her up and find out more details.

We had heard that Sam actually had to host her own exorcism of sorts because there was some sort of evil spirit taking over her house.

Which sounds pretty terrifying right? But after hearing what Sam had to say about the ordeal this morning, we were left almost white as a ghost! (ironically)

Sam told us that the house itself was an 1840s miner’s cottage in Picton and she knew that there was some sort of evil spirit about because the house was actually trying to HURT HER! WHAT?!

“It’s a bit scary! I reckon the house is possessed,” Sam told us on air this morning.


“I sort of did it up a little bit, made it look really cute. But it just kept hurting me!”

We know what you’re thinking – how can a house hurt you? Well, just wait until you hear this!

“I’d be just standing there looking out the window and the window would just same shut on my fingers,” Sam continued. “And really hurt me! I’d stand there crying thinking ‘why are you hurting me little house?’.

“And then you know in the middle of the shower and it would just turn to boiling. It was really scary.”

That would be enough to send us packing! But Sam decided she would try and get rid of the evil spirit by calling in some help from a Catholic priest.

“I went and found the local priest… So he came over and I gave him a cup of tea and we had a little chat and he brought a little vile of holy water,” she continued. “And I told him that this house was hurting me and it had an evil spirit in it.


“I think he thought I was a little bit crazy… But it was amazing I feel like my whole experience in that house changed.”

Although in saying that, not long after Sam sold the house. Yeah, we wouldn’t be taking any chances with a haunted house out to hurt you either!

We wonder who lives there now though and whether they’re having similar problems…

The weirdest part of the story? As Sam was explaining her haunted house story to us, Jackie experienced a supernatural scare of her own! Watch the video above to find out what happened!