Sam Worthington and Lara Bingle have been notoriously private about their, erm… private lives and especially about the birth of their son, Rocket Zot.

However, according to a report on the Daily Mail, WHO Magazine reports facts about the birth of the little one that we weren’t privvy to beforehand.

Like the fact that Rocket arrived ‘very unexpectedly’ and weighed in at a teeny 2.7 kilograms. Luckily, there were said to be ‘no complications’ with the birth.

According to the mag, Lara’s mother Sharon was beside the 27-year-old throughout the whole birth, which took place at the Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles and went for around eight hours.

The Daily Mail says WHO reports that the little one has Lara’s blue eyes and a little bit of brown hair like his dad, Worthington.

‘They’re both smitten with Rocket; they’re madly in love with him,’ the source told the magazine.

Rocket’s name has copped criticism from the Australian public, but Bingle was quick to take to Facebook to defend her decision.


‘My sons [sic] middle name IS a respectful nod to my late father, whose nickname was affectionately, Zot,’ the Cronulla-born beauty explained.

Source: Daily Mail

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