Yesterday we saw a snippet of a frightening video of Salim Mehajer screaming into a phone, telling the recipient that they have ‘5 minutes to give him a call.’

I have to admit, as someone who has stayed across the Mehajer’s story, I never for one second thought that he was addressing his estranged wife, Aysha.

According to his social media accounts, the pair are estranged, but he constantly confesses his love for Aysha, and makes out as if everything’s okay.

However, since the videos showcased on A Current Affair last night in full, a few things have become clear.

The first, is that he was absolutely addressing his estranged wife in those vile videos.

The second is that things are definitely not fine between the pair. DEFINITELY not.

The third thing, is that Salim is most certainly not the cool, calm respectful man he tries to portray in his self-made videos.


Such as the motivational one he released just a few days ago. In the tape, he says ‘Aysha, if you don’t call me back in five minutes I’m going to rape your mum and your dad.’

He then goes on to call her different names and accuses her of sleeping with numerous men. Mehajer has responded to the attention by deactivating his Facebook account.

Source: Daily Mail

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