Sabre Norris is the loveable Aussie girl who rose to fame after she was interviewed on The Ellen Degeneres Show after her hectic skateboarding and surfing skills went viral in a youtube video.

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(Link in bio) I was so stoked when I found out that I was going to be on the Ellen show because I never thought I was going to be allowed to go overseas until I've made a lot of money 💰 for myself but Ellen and her friends just let me come and paid for my ticket and everything. Sometimes you feel awkward talking to people but Ellen is the exact opposite you feel a safe and comfortable feeling when you talk to her and even though there was an audience and cameras watching it is as though it's just you and her having a conversation. ❤️Sabre (surf📸 @owenphoto ) #Repost @theellenshow ・・・ 11-year-old Australian surfing star @SabreNorris is one of my favorite people I met this year, and she’s about to be one of yours.

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And now she’s looking at snagging another claim to fame by attempting the world record for the most people ever doing the floss dance at once.

In case you’re not across the trend, the floss dance is the latest craze that’s got children everywhere going nuts on the dance floor as they attempt to pull off the insane move. And trust us it’s harder than it looks!


Today, Big W rounded up as many children as they could at their Big W Toy Mania sale to help Sabre out with her challenge. They needed at least 250 kids to all bust a move together in order to break the record.

And by the looks of things in the video above there was definitely a LOT of kids in attendance (whether that was because of the dancing challenge or because of the MASSIVE toy sale) and so we reckon it’s safe to say that a new record was achieved!

Watch the video below to see all of the kids getting their floss on for the challenge!

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