When you hear the name Ryan Tedder, you instantly think ‘hit maker’.

The frontman of One Republic is not only an amazing singer and songwriter for his own band, but he’s also been involved in writing songs with and for other mega stars.

From P!nk to Ellie Goulding to even the Queen herself, Beyonce, Ryan has had a hand in a whole bunch of hits. Including Beyonce’s gorgeous song ‘XO’.

If you weren’t familiar with the song before this year, no doubt you were after Beyonce chose to sing the beautiful lyrics during Kobe Bryant’s memorial.

While Ryan wrote this song along with Beyonce, the initial idea for the song has some pretty close ties to Australia!

Ryan joined the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning from isolation at his studio over in the US, when he told us about how he wrote ‘XO’ while site seeing in Sydney!


“He’s just a lyrical genius,” Kyle said as he brought Ryan up on the phone this morning.

“I’m sure there was a song he wrote while he was sitting on a bench somewhere down near the Sydney harbour!” Jackie said. “Am I right about that Ryan?”

“That’s fairly accurate,” confirmed Ryan as he joined us for a chat.

“I wrote Beyonce ‘XO’ when I was, actually most of it was written down there in the botanical gardens,” he revealed.

Ryan explained that he would go for jogs through the beautiful gardens here in Sydney’s CBD and during his run he became inspired with the lyrics.

“That’s one of my favourite places to run is through the botanical gardens and so yeah, I do a lot of my lyrics when I’m jogging,” Ryan revealed. “Even yesterday I was doing the exact same thing.


“So that’s a true story.”

Who would’ve thought such a beautiful song could come to Ryan so simply!

During our chat Ryan also showed off his singing talents and performed an acoustic version of One Republic’s song ‘Didn’t I’ for us.

You can watch this performance here!


Hear our full chat with Ryan Tedder and find out how he’s doing in during his quarantine in the podcast below!