Now this is definitely up there with the best social media responses we’ve seen in awhile.

It all began when The Wiggles innocently asked Ryan Reynolds about his home country of Canada ahead of the their Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Tour.

“G’day @VancityReynolds! Can you recommend good places for us to do the propeller in your beautiful home country?,” the post began.

“We’re there in under a week! Feel free to join us: We’ve got spare skivvies packed.”

But Reynolds was in fine form when he returned serve on twitter… And we can’t stop laughing.


“Laws and guidelines differ from province to province but Canada has always been a sexually adventurous country,” he retorted.

As a father of two young girls, we’re guessing the actor was well aware of who he was conversing with.

He then seemed to clarify his mistake / sass and shared a video of The Wiggles doing The Propeller (and not the sexual kind).

Seriously can’t get enough of this guy on social media!

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