When we discovered Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds were expecting their second baby, we knew they would be choosing an interesting, perhaps a unisex name to match the rest of the family; including older sister James.

Now we know Blake and Ryan gave birth to another little girl, and we still don’t know her name.

Ryan Reynolds previously got in a bit of trouble after giving away the sex of the baby during an interview, so this time, he managed to discuss his new baby’s name, without saying her name.

What a guy!

When a reporter from Canada’s eTalk asked Ryan if he had a say in their second daughter’s name, he responded with, obviously, a hilarious joke.


“[I suggested a name with] all the letters being silent — which, was confusing for everyone, especially me.”

Without revealing what name he and Blake chose, he just said, “We settled on the right one.” When asked how having another child had changed their family dynamic, Ryan’s response was just magic.

“It didn’t change the dynamic. There’s just more. There’s more love. There’s more diapers. There’s more all that stuff, you know,” he said.

“It’s really kind of profound. I just love watching my older daughter take care of the newborn. That’s been kind of neat to see.”

Source: Cosmopolitan

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