One of the most talked about things from this season of I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here! Australia is no doubt the relationship between MAFS star Ryan Gallagher and Geordie lass Charlotte Crosby.

But people weren’t just chatting about the fact that they made a cute couple. In fact, most of the gossip going on about these two was whether or not their romance was actually real or just a showmance for the cameras.

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Whether it was real or all for show, the TV romance came to an end last night as Ryan was sent home from the jungle, resulting in a pretty emotional goodbye between him and Charlotte.

“I don’t want you to go,” Charlotte told Ryan as she held onto him and they shared one last kiss.

Following his elimination, Ryan joined the Kyle and Jackie O show to chat about his time in the jungle, when he revealed to all the neigh sayers that his relationship with Charlotte was and still is 100% real.


“I went on there as myself and I don’t have an agenda,” Ryan told us this morning. “I didn’t have winning on my mind. I went in there for other reasons and I went in as myself and I just happened to meet her in there.”

Ryan told us that while he didn’t plan on starting a relationship in the jungle, having that sort of companion there with him made the entire experience a lot easier.

“It was nice, I had essentially a loved one sort of thing to console at night and have a bit of a cuddle and it really did help to pass the time,” Ryan continued to tell us.

The reality TV star only had lovely things to say about Charlotte too, telling us that the pair are planning on continuing their relationship on the outside.

“I genuinely like her,” Ryan revealed. “I know that sounds corny and everything but I genuinely like her. I think she’s amazing…She’s literally on my level.”

While on I’m a Celebrity, Ryan offered to move to the UK to try and make their relationship work. While Charlotte didn’t think this would be a good idea, Ryan told us this morning that she may instead move to Australia if things get serious.


“She shut it down pretty quickly because she said if it works she wants to come to Oz… She’s very much a home girl and she loves her family so I don’t think she’d move here unless she really had something pushing her. I think she’ll be back and forth a lot.”

As for now, Ryan told us that when Charlotte comes out of the jungle they will spend two weeks together on the Gold Coast and see where things go from there!

We don’t know about you but we totally ship this pair! Rylotte 4 life!

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