Ryan Gallagher and Charlotte Crosby have recently started up a romance during their time on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! Australia, but according to Ryan their relationship actually started long before they went into the jungle!

Following his elimination from the reality TV show last night, Ryan joined the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning when we obviously got to talking about him and Charlotte.

Ryan not only told us that their feelings for each other are 100% real (and not a showmance for the TV viewers) but revealed that he’d actually been chatting to Char long before they went on I’m A Celeb!

“We started talking a few months before we actually went in,” Ryan told us this morning. “And do you know what the funny thing is, none of us knew we were actually going in.”

Ryan revealed that while he had been sending messages back and forth, sorting out plans to possibly meet up with to the Geordie Shore star, he had no idea that she would be heading into the Jungle with him.

“You must’ve died when you walked in there and saw each other in there!” Kyle said.

“I heard her voice a I was walking in and I thought, ‘No way!’,” Ryan continued. “We were talking two nights before! And she was already in South Africa and so was I! But none of us could say anything.


“Two weeks before I went on she actually said, ‘I’m going to come over to Australia from Dubai and stay there for a week,” Ryan continued. “And I said, ‘Oh, I can’t!’ and I didn’t want to say I can’t.”

Ryan knew that he couldn’t meet up with Charlotte because he would be in lock-down for I’m a Celeb but he couldn’t tell her why he couldn’t meet up because he couldn’t give away his reality TV plans!

Little did he know that Charlotte had the same secret as him!

Looks like this relationship really was meant to be!

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