In case you’re not caught up on the drama that is Nasser Sultan from the most recent season of Married At First Sight’s life, the reality star has been campaigning hard recently to get a blue tick on Instagram.

Basically the highly sought after blue tick verifies that an account is a public figure, celebrity or global brand and after his stint on the extremely popular reality show that sees strangers marry each other, Nasser reckons that he absolutely deserves one.

In fact he’s so adamant that recently he took it upon himself to pay a visit to Instagram HQ to petition for his social media verification, only to be kicked out!

And well, seeing as pretty much all of Australia has been made aware of Nasser’s mission, one of his not so close mates from MAFS, Ryan Gallagher, decided that it would be simply hilarious to use the blue tick sitch to play a prank on him.

“You know, Nasser’s been trying to get his blue tick on Instagram, so I thought I might ring him and act like I’m from Instagram and he’s going to get his blue tick,” explained Ryan at the beginning of the video.

In similar fashion to Kyle and Jackie O’s Only Lying prank call segment, Ryan called up Nasser telling him that he was Darren Applegate from Instagram and that there had been a massive mistake and Nasser’s account was in fact going to be donned with the blue tick.

Nasser was getting so darn excited as Ryan buttered him up, telling him that he was a massive fan of MAFS and that he well and truly deserved to be recognised as a celebrity on Instagram.


In fact, Nass was so overwhelmed with excitement that he accidentally gave away what was probably meant to be top secret info! (Yeah you know those I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here rumours? Nasser accidentally confirmed he was going to be on the show…Oops)

Ryan had Nasser going right until the end when he announced that he had in fact been only lying. And it’s safe to say that Nasser was ROPABLE when he realised the whole think had been a prank.

“It’s actually Ryan, it’s Ryan from MAFS,” revealed the prankster.

Nasser used a few choice swear words at this point. But this morning, having had time to calm down, Nasser told Kyle and Jackie O that he had actually been quite impressed by Ryan’s efforts. 

“He was brilliant, absolutely brilliant,” said Nasser. “He did an amazing job.”

Watch the hilarious prank take place in the video below!

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