First Russell Crowe and Terri Irwin were ‘dating’, then they were ‘engaged’, then we heard they they were set to go into business together and expand Australia Zoo by setting up one together in California.

All of these rumours have been crushed, but one thing remains clear: Russell Crowe straight up adores Terri irwin.

Russell acknowledged his true feelings and adoration for Terri last week with one incredibly sweet Tweet

On January 23, Terri shared a picture of herself and late husband Steve Irwin, wishing her followers a happy national hugging day.


It wasn’t long until Russell retweeted Terri’s beautiful photo saying, ‘Terri… you have kept his [Steve Irwin’s] love and ambitions relevant… you’re amazing.’ 

After months of rumours surfacing online and in gossip magazines, the pair has denied being an item. But it seems Russell is still happy to publicly show his admiration for Terri (and rightfully so!)


They may not be romantically involved, but their friendship is truly sweet. 

We agree with you Russell, Terri is truly amazing! 

Source: Daily Mail 

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