You know how you go through those really random moods sometimes when you just can’t stand the clutter in your house or in your bedroom and so you just decide to cull everything that you don’t need.

Well Russell Crowe has decided done something very similar but he’s taken it to the next level. He’s holding an expensive auction to sell off a whole heap of his most lavish items so that he can de-clutter and start new.

Titled the ‘Art of Divorce’ the auction includes a selection of major works from the private collection of Russell himself, including things he shared with his ex-wife Danielle Spencer, historical artefacts, movie memorabilia, artworks etc. and each item will be auctioned off by Sotheby’s Australia on April 7.

And so, being a major talking point across the nation among those who can afford to bid as well as those who wish that they could, Kyle and Jackie O decided to get Russell on the air this morning to chat about why he’s choosing to sell all of his stuff and how he came to own some of the quirky items that are up for grabs.

“How did you come up with ‘The Art of Divorce’?” asked Kyle.

“I was flying around the centre of the country going from different arts communities,” began Russell. “I think the weight of it was starting to really bear down on me because the agreements were all done…and I just was thinking how do I make this now fun for myself.”

And so Russell decided to gather together things like Danielle’s jewellery, their wedding car, various costumes and props from his movies, and other quirky items and place them in a catalogue for people to bid on.


Kyle and Jackie were flicking through this catalogue while chatting with Russell when Kyle came across something he thought was incredible strange!

“What’s this, a Dinosaur skull!”, exclaimed Kyle. Of course someone as famous owns a Dinosaur skull… But how on earth did he come to own it? Well apparently he bought it on a drunken night out with Leonardo DiCaprio!

“Yeah I bought that from Leonardo DiCaprio,” explained Russell. “We were on the sauce one night and next thing you know a cheque was signed and I had a dinosaur skull.”

I mean usually on drunken nights out we’ll splurge and get a kebab but like we explained earlier, Russell seems to constantly be taking things to the next level.

“Were you at his house or something and did you see it and think ‘Oh, I want that’?”, asked Jackie.

“We were at his house yeah, and he’s got an incredible collection of Basquiat art and a lot of other stuff and I was admiring it and he said ‘well funnily enough I want to move that’,” said Russell. “And one thing led to another and next you know I’ve got a dinosaur skull.”


And well, thanks to this auction the dinosaur skull owned by not one, but TWO mega celebrities could be yours! The items up for sale are on exhibition from today at Carriageworks in Eveleigh until they go under the hammer at the same location on April 7.

For more information and to register for the auction visit the Sotheby’s Australia website.

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