Legendary Aussie comedian Glenn Robbins joined the Kyle and Jackie O Show to brighten up our Monday morning with a laugh!

Glenn’s portrayal of Kel Knight from ‘Kath & Kim’ and Russell Coight from ‘All Aussie Adventures’ will go down in TV history forever!

“You’re a very funny man, always very witty, the characters are awesome”, complimented Kyle.

“Great characters you’ve played”, Jackie confirmed.

“I wondered if you are that clever… could Glenn ever speak to Kel and Russell Coight in one conversation or is that just too much for someone to handle?”, challenged Kyle.

“Of course, I can do that”, answered Glenn.

Challenge accepted.


The scene: Russel Coight and Kel Knight trying to fix a broken-down car.

What followed was a moment of spontaneous hilarity.

3, 2, 1… ACTION!

Russell Coight: “G’day mate, what seems uhh…seems to be the problem?”

Kel Knight: G’day its Kel Knight here just having a sausage by the side of the road and uh would you like one?

Russell Coight: Well, I think it’s necessary that we fix up your tyre first.


Kel Knight: What’s that face mask you’re wearing Russel?

Russell Coight: It’s one of my old G-strings that I converted into a facemask.

“That was doing my own head in”, admitted Glenn.

“I loved it… I enjoyed it… I was picturing it the whole time and I pictured the G-string to be leopard print”, giggled Kyle.

If you want a laugh check out the full chat on the podcast below! Glenn Robbins joins the show at 1h, 48mins.

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