Fans are convinced that a mini Destiny’s Child reunion is on the way with rumours that the Queen Beyonce and Kelly Rowland might be collaborating on new music together. And seriously we don’t think we’re ready for this jelly!

You might have noticed that Beyonce and Kelly have been hanging out quite recently after they popped up on Queen Bey’s Instagram page together.

Could Beyonce and Kelly Rowland Be Collaborating on New Music? 

But this is only the smallest part of the evidence. It’s actually another Insta account that’s gotten people talking after a mysterious account named ‘@roseivyou’ popped up on the social media program following only five people: Beyonce, Kelly, Tidal, Netflix and Nicki Minaj.

But what’s even more suss is a video that has been posted to the mysterious account. The video shows a rose opening slowly while the unmistakeable voice of Beyonce sings in the background.


The rose appears to be significant on personal accounts for both Beyonce and Kelly Rowland, after Beyonce and Jay-Z’s Instagram account for their album Everything Is Love, also posted the same cryptic video of a rose, tagging the account @roseivyou.

Kelly then posted a video of herself singing an unknown song about roses along with the rose and winking face emojis in the caption.

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Nothing has been confirmed as of yet and so far it’s all just speculation, but it’s certainly looking like a collab is on the way! Stay tuned everyone!