If you’re watching the current season of The Bachelor at the moment you’ll be aware that there’s two clear frontrunners on the show who have had The Honey Badger head over heels since day dot: Brittany and Brooke.

But while we thought that it was almost a guarantee that these two single ladies would make it to the final two in the coming weeks, we’re now hearing reports that Brooke actually chooses to leave the competition way before the final rose.

Woman’s Day have today reported that the 23-year-old indigenous youth worker will leave the mansion early in an upcoming episode, leaving Nick absolutely guttered.

“Brooke left because she was just not falling for him,” said an insider to the publication.

“She was rejecting his advances and realised her feelings weren’t as strong as his. Given this, she felt it was fair that she took herself out of the equation.”


This came as quite a shock to most fans seeing as Brooke and Nick appeared to hit it off straight away and it seemed as though they had tons of “chem” going on, as the mean girls would say.

In fact, many would have said that she was an absolute shoo-in for taking out the whole show seeing as Nick gave her the key to his Bachie pad on the first episode and she even received his family’s tick of approval after having dinner with them in a later episode.

But if you think about it, and these feelings were truly just one sided from Nick, maybe this could point further towards the rumours that he apparently opts to choose none of the girls at the end of the show. Maybe he’s just far too heartbroken after Brooke allegedly leaves?!

Hmm we need answers and we need them NOW! The Bachelor continues Wednesday at 7:30pm on Network Ten and with not all that many episodes to go until the finale, if this news is true than she’s going to be walking out of there pretty soon!

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