PR Queen and founder of Sweaty Betty PR Roxy Jacenko took a moment out of her busy schedule to come into the studio with Kyle and Jackie O this morning to have an innocent chat about the streaming service that she is an ambassador for, Stan.

But of course, like most of Kyle and Jackie O’s encounters with our guests, things quickly took a rather cheeky turn after Roxy revealed to us who her celebrity ‘hall pass’ would be.

It all came about when Roxy was chatting with the guys about the upcoming season five of the show Power which premieres on Stan on July 1. Kyle told Roxy that he’s obsessed with this show and so naturally they began to discuss their favourite characters in the series.

“Power, I love it, it’s one of my favourite shows,” said Kyle.

“I’m obsessed. I literally, I watched seasons one to four non-stop,” replied Roxy, before revealing that one of the characters in the show is actually her celebrity hall pass that she has organised with her husband Oliver Curtis.


“The ‘Ghost’, oh my gosh,” continued Roxy. “That’s one of the main character’s, ‘Ghost’. He’d be my pass, you know like if you get a pass.”

James “Ghost” St. Patrick is one of the leading characters in the show and is played by American actor Omari Hardwick who you may know from another TV series ‘Being Mary Jane’ or the film ‘Kickass’.

We don’t blame you for this one Rox, he’s definitely got a mysterious, handsome look about him. And clearly Roxy’s got a thing for bad boys as ‘Ghost’ is actually the anti-hero in the popular series.

But of course we’re unsure if Roxy would ever be able to actually use this hall pass. Not because it’s pretty unlikely that she’d actually meet him in real life, but because as she joked, she’s already had one in her past.

“Well clearly I’ve already had one but if I could have a second,” joked Roxy.

“Yeah no, I think you only get one hall pass for a lifetime,” laughed Kyle.

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