This morning, PR Queen Roxy Jacenko came to hang out in studio with Kyle and Jackie O to talk about her new role as Toni&Guy Ambassador.

She told us she’ll be dying her hair pastel pink in a bid to raise money and awareness for the National Breast Cancer Foundation; something close to her heart, as she was diagnosed with breast cancer just last year and has even receiving treatment since.

While speaking to the Roxy, Jackie decided to address a rumour that she’d heard about the Sweaty Betty offices.

‘Do you really have a hair salon in your offices?’ Jackie asked.

‘Yes, hair and make-up room.’

‘Tell me what happens there? Do all the girls come in and they get all their hair and make-up done for the day?’ Jackie inquired.


‘That would be amazing, can you not set that in their minds please Jackie?’ Roxy asked.

‘So that doesn’t happen?



‘Is it just for events?’ Jackie asked.

Roxy explained that she bought the building three years ago because her mum encouraged her to stop buying depreciating assets, like handbags and cars, and start investing in things that appreciate, like property.

‘My dream was always to have a hair and make-up room, call it indulgence, so I did it.’ Roxy explained.

She told Kyle and Jackie that the room is now branded Kyle and Jackie O, and justified it because of the epic hours she works.

‘I’m in there so much, I work six days a week; I come in early, I leave late; so it’s great.’

That is the DREAM, isn’t it?

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