Ever since Roxy Jacenko’s husband was sentenced to prison, everyone has had a lot of questions.

What’s the cell like? Do they talk on the phone? Does he have his own cell? How many times do they see each other?

With shows like Orange Is The New Black and Wentworth warping our reality of prison, it can be difficult to understand what life is like for Oliver behind bars, but also for the family left behind on the outside.

During the chat, Jackie asked how many times she’d seen him in the two months he’d been behind bars.

“Twice,” she said.

“It’s not a fun place, it’s sad. People are visiting family who may not be out for a long time.


It’s not a place you want to be, let’s put it that way.”

A caller later rang up and asked about the possibility of conjugal visits.

“It’s not even something that’s crossed my mind!” she said.

She also revealed that she speaks to Curtis on the phone, but five-year-old daughter Pixie doesn’t anymore.

“She spoke to him on her birthday and straight away asked when he was coming home. She cried for the whole day after that. So she doesn’t speak to him anymore.”

She revealed that she told the children he’s working in China.”


“It’s my duty to protect them.”

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