Ronda Rousey is a badass fighter. 

But what we didn’t know was that she will do ANYTHING for a Starbucks Frappuccino. 

She opened up to Self Magazine about her crazy method of obtaining caffeinated beverages as a teen that was also coincidental ‘training’. 

“After school, my friend and I would go to the Promenade, where a lot of shady characters hung out. I love Frappuccinos, but I only got $5 a day for lunch. If I ate, that meant I didn’t have enough money for a Frappuccino … So we would go over to these kids and say ‘I bet you $10 I could beat up any one of you’ There were always some guys who could use the money. We’d fight and I’d do something to get them to give up and they’d give us $10 and we’d go get Frappuccinos… That was, like, my side gig for a little while.” 

Now of course, Rousey can afford to buy all the Frappucinos she wants, so that method is no longer required… phewf! 


Rousey also shared her passion for eating hot wings! 

Finally, Rousey gave her definition of a badass: 

“Someone who’s willing to do what needs to be done. There are plenty of times where people know and they don’t do it – because it’s not comfortable or easy … If you do what’s right regardless of how it’s going to make you look, then you’re really a badass.” 

Source: Mashable

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