She quickly became known as one of the resident villain’s on this season of The Bachelor due to her no nonsense attitude and tendency to tell it like it is, and as a result a lot of people are hating on one of the three mean girls, Romy.

And so when Romy came into the studio with Kyle and Jackie O this morning after choosing to not accept a rose from Nick ‘The Honey Badger’Cummins and leave the the show on last night’s episode, she knew she was in for a bit of a grilling by our listeners.

One listener in particular, who definitely wasn’t a fan of the blonde bombshell, had a rather interesting question though surrounding all of Romy’s drama and attitude on the show. Was it real or was it all an act?

The question came after the listener claimed that she heard through the grapevine that Romy was actually a paid actress sought after by producers for the specific purpose of causing a shit stir in the mansion.

“I have a friend of a friend who has come out and said, now they know your brother Romy, and he has said that you’re a paid plant,” the listener said.

Roy responded to the comment in a rather sarcastic manner and to be honest she didn’t really say no, but she did explain that all girls on the house are cast by producers and get paid for it.


“Because I’m an actor…yeah there’s all these like rumours going around that I’ve been paid,” explained Romy. “Well look, I’m an actress and I was paid on the show, as was everyone else, and my trade is acting, so you do the math.”

Oooookay so that makes it sound like you were DEFINITELY a paid plant on the show Rom but we reckon she might just be continuing to stir the pot outside the house.

She went on to clarify that producers did not seek her out and everything she did on the show was of her own accord but she did her time on the show as a “role” of sorts.

“Well look, I wasn’t but it turned into a role pretty quickly,” she continued. “It just happened organically…I auditioned…but we are a cast after all.”

So basically what we saw of Romy was in fact her real personality, just with what she said was a really good editing job showing more of her bad moments than her good. For example, the infamous non-kiss/neck nuzzle from Romy wasn’t at all what it seemed!


“It doesn’t really show much about how nice our relationship was. Like they even cut out our kiss,” revealed Romy. “It’s much more exciting to see someone nuzzle a neck and then come back and go, ‘The kiss was amazing’.”

Romy also said that she really was on the show to find love. She revealed that she had real feelings for Nick and revealed that he is actually her type.

“I think he’s really hot,” she said. “I mean I got in his swag, let’s be honest….Look at the bod…I reckon he’s a nice guy.”


So while Romy is an actress and yes she did get paid during her time on the show, she wasn’t paid to be the villain or stir up drama in the house like the rumours have suggested. Or at least that’s what we think she’s saying… Like we said it was a bit of a blurry answer.

Either way, while yes a lot of us thought she was a bit of a bitch on the show, let’s be honest, it’s going to be bloody boring without her commentary!