They’re the pair tipped to become famous enough to tip even the Kardashians off their perch, but it seems as the due date of their child draws closer, cracks are beginning to show.

It seems that Rob is having second thoughts about returning to the limelight, after taking a hiatus from the reality show that propelled his family to stardom.

The reality show with fiancé Blac Chyna is said to be ‘on the ropes’ as it’s revealed the 29-year-old is said to have missed a number of shoots, leaving the show’s future in the balance.

Super excited @robkardashian and I felt our baby moving today ❤️👶🏽

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According to TMZ, Rob is refusing to film scenes with his fiancé, claiming it’s already putting a strain on their relationship.

The website reports production sources have revealed his reluctance to continue with the show.


A source said: ‘Rob has been skipping filming over the last month, complaining that the show is compromising their relationship.’

Ohhhhhh Roberttttttt ❤️👶🏽 @robkardashian

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It’s not all that surprising, seeing as he believes ‘KUWTK has destroyed his family’.

Source: Daily Mail

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