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There is nothing more important than focusing on your own physical and mental wellbeing and health. So, we spoke to the one and only Georgie Stevenson, host of the Rise and Conquer Podcast to find out her top tips for a positive state of mind.

A lucky group of fans got to meet up with Georgie for a Wellbeing workshop, and had a Q&A session with her to find out her top tips on Wellbeing. Keep on scrolling to get Georgie’s top tips.

What’s the easiest meditation exercise that someone can undertake during a busy day?
– 10 deep breaths
– Say 3 things they’re grateful for
– Say 3 goals in the present tense
– Say 3 affirmations “I am” statements
– 10 deep breaths

How do you overcome negative thoughts and turn them into a positive?
– Turn to gratitude (highest vibe)
– Turn to positive affirmations



What’s the best form of exercise that keeps you energetic throughout the day?
Really what you enjoy doing! That might change depending on the season and your lifestyle! Personally, mine include beach walks & strength classes.

What are your secret ingredients to the ultimate smoothie?
Yummy protein! Yummy flavour plus great source of protein that will keep you fuller for longer!

What’s your go to brunch option on the menu that makes you feel good?
I cannot go past a classic avo on toast, I’m a typical millennial like that.



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