There’s the good news we’re looking for, the light at the end of the tunnel!

Rihanna’s make up line has been hailed as revolutionary and people have secretly been praying for some skincare from the bronze goddess.

It’s official, Fenty Skin is happening and it’s dropping on the 31st July and you can check out the brand new Fenty Skin website here!

A video’s been posted on Fenty Skin’s instagram and it’s announcing the product drop with Rihanna washing her (perfect) face with some of the new products!

I literally couldn’t have chosen anyone better to convince me to buy some skincare products because I don’t… think Rihanna has pores?


So if her products can get rid of mine, I’m sold!

From the video, it looks like we can look forward to a foaming cleanser… some sort of gel?? probably a toner? and an incredibly hydrating moisturiser!

The perfect basic skincare starter kit!

You can sign up for early access on the website and get those credit cards ready because these are going to sell out so fast!

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