It must be a little bit weird for Bachelor Richie, a man who works on oil rigs, to be taking heaps of girls on fancy dates.

Last night, he gave contestant Megan Marx a taste of the ‘high life’ in their single date.

He invited Megan to a romantic picnic on a crane hanging above a beach before they shared a passionate French kiss.
However, it wasn’t without drama as she had previously rejected Richie’s affections during the date and panicked she had ‘’lost (her) moment’’.

In the most awkward moment of the season, when Richie leant into kiss her, she instead turned and offered him the check.


Megan managed to salvage the situation after they spent the evening at an estate and during an intimate conversation, Megan and Richie finally kissed each other in the second kiss of the season so far.

She had earlier said ‘’’I do wanna kiss Richie, but I feel like I’ve lost my moment a little bit.’ Richie added: ‘It was an opportunity missed. There was a moment where I felt like we could have kissed, but we didn’t.’


They both got their wishes in the second half of the date but that is not where the drama ends.

Fellow contestant Keira Maguire was not happy with the kissing and slammed Megan for kissing Richie saying ‘’Yuck! I don’t want sloppy seconds.’’

It’s all kicking off this season and it looks like it’s Keira’s turn for a date tonight!

The Bachelor returns to Channel Ten at 7:30PM tonight.

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