Could there be a complete Today Show revival?

Following news that Karl Stefanovic will return to the breakfast program along with Allison Langdon, it’s now possible that a former Today Show team member could make a comeback.

Richard Reid, who used to be the Hollywood gossip reporter for Today, joined Kyle and Jackie O this morning when we asked him if he was in talks to return in 2020.

He joined us this morning because he has spoken out saying that he would love to be the first ever gay Bachelor. But we wanted to know if he could return as the resident gossip guru for Channel nine.

While he didn’t confirm anything, he didn’t really do a good job at denying the reports either. In fact, Richard told us that he couldn’t actually talk about it, which made it seem like he could be in talks with Nine to make a return.


“Has there been any discussion with you and Channel Nine to go back to the Today Show with the new line up next year,” Kyle asked Richard this morning.”Because that’s where you are in your glory.”

“I would say that the liklihood of me going back to Today is right up there with me doing the gay Bachelor,” Richard joked, meaning not that likely at all really.

“Why because you don’t want to or because you don’t think that would be offered?” asked Jackie.

“You know what, it’s something I really can’t talk about at this moment,” Richard replied rather awkwardly.

“Oh is that right?” pushed Kyle. “So you might be in contract negotiations, alright.”

“It’s probably best to just talk about the gay Bachelor,” he added a little flustered. “I will say, god, what a sh*t show over at Today though. I will say that. My heart goes out to Georgie… It’s just, what is going on over there.”


Richard went on to say that he agrees the show will be great with Karl and Allison at the helm, but he also said that he thought they should bring back Richard Wilkins full time.

“Bring back old Dickie Wilkins,” he told us. “He had a chemistry that rivalled you and me… You know what, I would say I always had such a good time on the Today Show. I had a good time with Richard Wilkins. And I will say that.

Reid then seemed to hint that he may not have been as friendly with everyone in the Today Show team.

“Is he the only one you had a good time with?” Jackie asked.

“Well,” Richard Reid said in a high pitched voice. “I was very fond of Richard Wilkins and we had a great working relationship, we’re still good friends and stuff.

“I got along with everyone there. It was a good professional environment. I never had a problem while I was there with anybody, how about that.”


So will Richard make the big return as the Today Show changes things up next year? We guess we’ll just have to wait and see, but he certainly seemed like he wasn’t giving away all the information on this one!

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