Sam Johnston got Instagram all fired up yesterday, after posting another racy shot, this time in celebration of his birthday.

The 28-year-old is seen lying in a bathtub with only soapy water covering him. He captioned the photo: ‘Birthday suit on my birthday!!! Should probably start acting my age, but that’s not going to happen.’ We believe you Sam… we watched the whole season of The Bachelorette

Birthday suit on my birthday!!! 🎈should probably start acting my age, but that’s not going to happen..

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The budding model’s no stranger to stripping down, sharing an array of topless photos on Instagram. He set tongues wagging when a photo surfaced earlier this year showing the 28-year-old posing nude alongside a chair… we guess it was an ad for office furniture… but we’re still not really sure.

But there’s more to the photo than first appeared… Days earlier, on-screen rival Rhys Chilton shared a full frontal nude shot to Instagram in celebration of his 30th birthday. The Harry Potter lookalike covered his manhood with a cupcake emoji. 

30 years ago today I took my first breaths after escaping the mothership… today I present to you my B’day suit! 😂 . Say what you want but I’m very comfortable with who I am and nothing the haters can say will bother me. Truly knowing yourself is the first step to a blissful life. . I appreciate good people and quickly forget those unworthy ones. I keep in mind two simple things. 1 – you can’t please everyone so don’t try and 2 – theres 7 billion people on this small little spec of cosmic dust we call earth, we are all replaceable and if I’m not for you… too fkn bad, move on 👌 . I’m lookin forward to showing you what a 30 yr old can do with good diet, supps and hard work. Glad I’ve teamed up with @fivepointfour & @urbanmusclesupps to get me in super shape 💪 . 📷 @devereuxxo 👐👐

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According to Rhys’ post he wanted to show fans what a 30-year-old body looks like. We got the picture loud and clear, Rhys! While it’s unclear if Sam’s post was a dig at Rhys, or simply a coincidence, we wonder whether the boys will ever stop competing with each other.