Ever wondered what Kyle and Jackie O are REALLY like at work?

Well then you’re in luck because Executive Producer Palestine gave listeners an inside look behind-the-scenes of the show this morning as he got brutally honest about what Kyle and Jackie are both actually like when the mics are turned off.

It all came about when the guys mentioned an article that appeared in the Daily Mail yesterday that claimed to reveal what some of Australia’s biggest TV stars are really like.

Industry insiders reportedly told the publication what it was like to work alongside people like Karl Stefanovic, Delta Goodrem and Sonia Kruger.

Kyle thought the story was a load of BS because each story sounded like it had come straight form the lips of a PR person – i.e. they made everyone sound amazing.


“They were all, it was just the biggest PR and publicity stunt ever,” Kyle claimed.

“Everyone’s was so glowing that it wasn’t gossipy at all, which is good for them,” Jackie added.

And so this gave Kyle a bright idea – although maybe he regrets this idea now after hearing what came out of Palestine’s mouth – where he decided to get Intern Pete and Palestine to both write up a paragraph about what he and Jackie are really like at work.

Only there was one big difference between them – Intern Pete’s version would be the PR approved version, putting a positive spin on everything, while Palestine’s had to be completely honest, telling the TRUTH about Kyle and Jackie’s antics.

“So Pete has written what is likely to compare to the article we read, so the PR spin,” Jackie said. “But then Palestine you’re going to do a real dirtier one, like a more gossipy one.”

“Mine is 100% truth,” Palestine said.


And boy, oh boy, did it get SAVAGE! Especially when compared to Pete’s perfect-world version!

From late night phone calls from Kyle about the most random guests, to Kyle’s hilarious nickname around the office, and even demanding text messages from Jackie about various TV shows, Executive Producer Palestine really allowed our listeners to pull back the curtain on the inner workings of the Kyle and Jackie O Show.

Hear it for yourself in the podcast below!