Forget the super Saturday elections that occurred over the weekend, the most talked about thing that came out of the past few days of politics was #Piegate.

If you’re unsure what #Piegate is, clearly you have way less free time than all of us and haven’t been scrolling through social media recently, but basically it was a photo that went viral of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull eating a meat pie with a knife and fork.

People were losing their minds after seeing the image taken in Tasmania over the weekend, with many claiming that eating a pie any other way than with just your hands is completely un-Australian. And we here at the Kyle and Jackie O show agreed with this opinion.

“I don’t get why Malcolm would do that,” said Jackie on the show yesterday. “It’s like Tony Abbott eating the onion like an apple.”


And so of course, being as great friends with the PM’s office as we are…we decided to do some digging into the matter. Intern Pete sent over an email inquiring about the photo and asking what caused the PM to eat an iconic Aussie meal in such an un-Australian way.

“We noticed the PM was eating a meat pie with a knife and fork,” wrote Intern Pete in his email. “Does the PM eat anything with just his fingers and mouth? If possible we’d love to have an answer.”

A few hours later we received a response from a spokesperson on this important political matter, and finally we had an answer as to what led up to the strange photo. This is what the statement said:

“Hello mate, always good to see that Kyle and Jackie O have their fingers on the pulse of Australia. The PM mostly prefers to keep his hands out of his food. In truth, the reason he was using a knife and fork is because the pie was scorching hot.”

Ah and suddenly it all makes sense! There’s nothing worse than burning the top layer from the inside of your mouth and lips when taking a bite into a boiling hot pie. This was an answer that we were happy to accept.

But we do have a suggestion for the PM to beat the hot pie next time and avoid the media frenzy. Tiny, little chipmunk-style bites work a treat while you let your pie cool down, or you can use a generous helping of cold tomato sauce to counteract the heat. You’re welcome!


Malcolm Turnbull Eating A Meat Pie Is Seriously Un-Australian

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