Love them, or hate them, TV theme tunes have been around forever.

Once one of these bad boys gets stuck in your head, it can stay there for hours!

But they can also evoke such amazing memories from our childhoods.

Digital Spy have calculated which theme tunes are the most popular and there have been some really surprising shows left off the list.

Home & Away isn’t on there and neither is Neighbours (disgraceful!)

So from 10 to 1 let’s have a look at the list!

10. Minder (Dennis Waterman – ‘I Could Be So Good for You’)


9. Power Rangers (Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers – ‘Power Rangers’)

8. Friends (The Rembrandts – ‘I’ll Be There For You’)

7. The X-Files (Mark Snow – ‘The X-Files Theme’)

6. Heartbeat (Nick Berry – ‘Heartbeat’) 5. Miami 7 (S Club 7 – ‘Bring It All Back’)


4. M*A*S*H (The Mash – ‘Suicide Is Painless’)

3. Van Der Valk (Simon Park Orchestra – ‘Eye Level’)

2. Bob the Builder (Bob the Builder – ‘Can We Fix It?’)

1. Teletubbies (Teletubbies – ‘Teletubbies Say Eh-Oh!’)


Source Digital Spy

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