Two weeks in, Channel 7 has made the decision to pull Restaurant Revolution and we can’t believe it – they’re replacing the ratings catastrophe with Cats Make You Laugh Out Loud. A cat video show. Wow!

After coming in second best to Channel Nine’s The Hotplate, reaching a low of 415,000 in the ratings across all five capital cities by the third episode, Seven has had to make this drastic decision.

The move comes after having reduced the air time of the show from four nights to two nights, to now just one, and also launching legal action against Hotplate, claiming it was ripping off My Kitchen Rules.

So, on Monday night where Restaurant Revolution once was, there will now be a double serving of Highway Patrol and Motorway Patrol. On Tuesday we get to watch Cats, on Wednesday, Border Patrol and The Force and on Thursday night Restaurant Revolution will air a double episode.

The move to Thursday was probably made to avoid going up against Hotplate on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights on Channel Nine. Nine airs Kings Cross ER and The Footy Show in the same Thursday timeslot.

Cats Make You Laugh Out Loud is a British program yet to be seen on Aussie screens which promises to take “a look at some of the very best clips of our furry, purry friends”.

Here is a little preview of what you can expect to see on Tuesday night:


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