You may have been around the block a few times, or you have been with one person.

Either way combined an average figure can be created as to how many people the average person sleeps with.

And it’s not as high as you may think.

According to research undertaken by UK pharmacist Superdrug, the average male has slept with 6.4 people.

What may be surprising is that women have slept with more people, with them bedding 7 people on average.

For women, their figure is the perfect as they like men to have less than 7 sexual partners but men don’t mind it if women have had 8.

The researchers said “Perceptions and attitudes toward people’s sexual histories have evolved over the years.’’


“However, when disclosing details to a partner, men are more prone to inflating their number of sexual partners, while women are more likely to report fewer than their true number.”

The research conducted previously has found that the more sexual partners you have had can lead to more divorces.

A University of Utah study has shown that virgins or people who have only had one previous sexual partner are less likely to get divorced.

However, a divorce is most likely to be down to the woman, and it’s only likely to happen if they have had more than two sexual partners.

It’s all very confusing, but at least we know if we are above the average of below average.. I just can’t decide which is better or worse.

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