Take your mind back to 2005. The X-Factor was on Channel Ten, and Australia thought a man called Russell Gooley had it down pay.

Russell was from Moora in Western Australia but was originally born in New Zealand and suddenly found heaps of fame when appeared on the show.

He was beaten by a group called Random, who we can’t seem to find anywhere, and we haven’t actually heard about Russell Gooley since.

Well, that is until we did a bit of digging and found out.. he hasn’t moved much. He now lives in Narrogin, in Western Australia and is married to a lady called Amanda.

He also now has a daughter named Shanae.

Now, he looks like this.


In terms of his career, well, he is still singing but only for a cover band called Dilate and during the day, he sands floors for a living.

Either way.. we love this flashback to 2005!

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