Here at KIIS, we LOVE us some Rebel Wilson. She’s a home grown superstar who’s made it big in the US, and we’re proud to see she’s killing it.

However, Rebel is adopting a worrying trait from her celebrity chums; Photoshop fails!

Two young models just living the dream x

A photo posted by Rebel Wilson (@rebelwilson) on

And after looking through her Instagram account, it seems as though it’s not the first time she’s done it!

Classic Yolandi x

A photo posted by Rebel Wilson (@rebelwilson) on


Yep, it seems like Rebel’s pulled a bit of a Beyonce and gone a bit crazy with the FaceTune. An ap that blurs your skin to the high heavens, so much so, that you begin to resemble a porcelain doll – and not in a good way.

She posted this photo of her and Cara Delevingne to her Instagram account recently, and we can’t help but think perhaps she’s done it for a joke – or is just completely unaware of how fake it looks!

What do you think?

Image via Instagram

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