Aussie actress and comedian Rebel Wilson is one busy woman!

Not only does she have a new TV series called Les Norton coming out on Sunday, a documentary about her latest health journey in the works as well as multiple A-list movies (OMG can’t wait for Cats!), but she’s also finding time to think seriously about her future.

Rebel joined Kyle and Jackie O on the show this morning, and she was literally pulled over on the side of the road in the middle of filming her doco, when she told us that she’d put a backup plan in motion for starting a family.

The topic came up when Kyle asked Rebel whether she was actually able to fit in any “sexy time” into her schedule.

This is when Rebel revealed that she’s actually accepted the fact that she’s a busy woman and has sought help from a fertility clinic to make sure she is able to have kids when she is ready sometime in the future.

“I’ve just come from the fertility clinic actually,” Rebel revealed.

“What are you doing at the fertility clinic?” Jackie asked.


“Are you trying to have a baby?” Kyle added.

“It’s a backup plan,” Rebel revealed.

Turns out that Rebel has chosen to put some of her eggs on ice and that she thinks more women, especially those who are career driven, should consider it as a serious option.

“Career women now to have options, you know,” Rebel continued. “Like I think a lot of women, especially in their thirties or if they can in their forties should think about doing it now.

“A lot of my friends here in Hollywood are doing it!”

Jackie was very supportive of the idea, having gone through the process of freezing her eggs herself.


“Oh good! Smart girl,” Jackie said. “This is the thing because it gets harder the older you get.”

How amazing! Although if Rebel decides that she doesn’t actually want to use them in the future, Kyle already has a great plan that she could use…



Hear more from our chat with Rebel in the special podcast below!


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