This morning, Rebel Wilson spoke to Kyle and Jackie O on air.

She’s doing Australia proud over in LA, starring in some of the most popular movies and now getting into fashion.

But that’s not the juiciest info she divulged on air.

She told Kyle and Jackie O how she was asked to present at the recent MTV VMA Awards but declined. “I got asked to present with Kendall and Kylie at the recent VMAs and said ‘no’. It’s not that you hate any of them individually, but it’s just that everything they stand for is against everything I stand for. And they’re not famous for talent. I worked really hard to get where I’ve gotten to.”

“But why would they team you with Kendall and Kylie? That seems random.” Jackie asked.

“I think if I was going to dress up as Kim Kardashian if I did it.”

She then went on to discuss Kim’s rise to fame:


“I mean how Kim Kardashian got famous from the sex tape and I just went to acting school and worked really hard.”

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