She is known for her amazing figure, however, Rebecca Judd has opened up about how she was teased in school for her skinny legs.

The 33-year-old opened up on the 3PM Pick UP, sayig she couldn’t wait to change her maiden name, Twigley, to Judd when she got married because bullies would call her ‘twig leg’.

‘I hated Twigley,’ Bec said. 

In school the boys used to swap the ‘y’ for a ‘g’ and call me twig leg,’ she said with a laugh.  ‘Now I’m Juddy! I love Judd, it’s such a strong name,’ she said, referring to her AFL star husband Chris’ last name. 

‘I couldn’t wait to take his name. But I took a bit of flak for it.’

The conversations as started after co-host Monty and Rebecca were talking about how Kylie Minogue looks set to change her last name to Sasse when she marries her fiancé, actor Joshua Sasse.

‘My sister is not changing her name,’ Bec said about her sister, Kate. 


‘She’s a Twigley.’

She said despite any criticism of a woman’s decision to change her name or not, it shouldn’t matter, ‘so long as you’re happy’.

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