Known for her health, parenting and lifestyle advice, Rebecca Judd has revealed a very bizarre way to cook a Christmas ham!

Fan’s of Judd have turned to her for advice on cooking a Christmas feast and she’s revealed her secrets for an article in Super Savvy Me. 

The mother-of-four told readers she soaks her ham in soft drink before adding brown sugar, mustard and even cloves if she feels ‘fancy’.

“Laugh if you like, but I cook my Christmas ham in Coca Cola,” she told readers.

“Martha Stewart and Nigella both have their own recipes. If I’m feeling fancy I’ll add brown sugar and mustard, and stud that baby with some cloves, but even if I keep it simple it’s still delicious.”

Bec also recommends serving up plenty of seafood nicely arranged on a platter – simple yet effective and no cooking necessary. 


Source: Daily Mail

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