Rebecca Judd has given up her presenting of Channel Nine’s weekend weather to spend more time with her family.

The Herald Sun is reporting the presenter will return to work one day a week on Postcards from January but has chosen to spend weekends being a mum to her four young children.

Judd and husband Chris welcomed twin boys Tom and Darcy two months ago, joining their other children Oscar, 5, and Billie, 2.

“Gee luv, you’ve got your hands full.” If I had a dollar….. 😂🙈

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“I don’t want to look back on these years and regret not spending days together,’’ Judd said.

“I’ve deliberated about it for six months and we need some time together as a family. When I found out I was having twins I thought I’m not sure I can go back to working weekends.

“I might go back once the kids are older. Channel 9 were fantastic about it.”


Judd also told the newspaper that buying a property on the Mornington Peninsula was also a factor in the decision.

“We bought a property and what’s the point of having that if we can’t use it,’’ Bec said. “Four years I was doing the weekend weather and together even as a couple we haven’t had weekends as he was always playing or doing pre-season.

“Most of my work stuff I do from home and we’ve got four kids. We need it.”

Channel Nine have commented about the decision to leave the weather, saying ‘Bec was a really hard-working, dedicated and popular member of our newsroom, and will always be part of the Nine News family.”

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