Rebecca Judd is the latest celebrity to be shamed on social media.

And it’s because she is apparently too skinny while pregnant.

The model and presenter is currently pregnant with twin boys and during her recent baby shower, took to Instagram to share a snap and it didn’t take long for people to fire back with abuse.

“You are a freak,” wrote one user. “How can you be carrying twins and be that thin lol.”

Others commented saying ‘’WTF, so skinny’’, ‘’m surprised her doctor didn’t confront this,” and the beautiful comment “You need a feed and some flattering clothing.”

Taking these boys to bed- I’m cooked (literally and figuratively)

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Fans of the model chimed in with their own messages, telling Bec to ignore the comments, saying ‘’She’s also managed to grow 2 healthy babies before this twin pregnancy.”

Quiiiiiiiiiiiick- @countryroad have restocked this dress which was a previous sell out. Get it while it’s hot!

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Bec and her husband, AFL legend Chris, are already parents to Oscar, 5 and Billie, 2, so this is not the first time she has face abuse over her frame.

She has previously said on her blog ’“Healthy comes in all shapes and sizes. Some people are naturally thin, some people are naturally bigger, some people are more athletic in tone, some people have minimal tone. We are all different and we are all NORMAL.”

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