Aussie actress and great friend of the show Rebecca Gibney joined Kyle and Jackie O in studio this morning and though we loved talking about the upcoming third season of her hit show ‘Wanted’, we’re a little more fixated on the discussion we had with her about the royals.

As all of Australia should know by now we currently have some royals among us, with newlyweds Prince Harry and Meghan Markle touching down in Sydney this morning.

And of course, all eyes were on them as they made their exit from the airport and into their awaiting vehicle.

Rebecca Gibney Has A Theory About Meghan Markle Being Pregnant After Her Arrival In Sydney

While speaking with Rebecca this morning, Kyle asked her whether she had been watching when the Royals touched down. She told us that she had, and that she had a VERY interesting theory about Meghan Markle.

“You know the Royals are in town. Do you like the Royals?” asked Kyle.

“Oh look I don’t mind, I think she’s a bit gorgeous. She did get out of the car with a big folder over her stomach,” replied Rebecca. “They’re saying she’s pregnant.”


People have been speculating, or maybe more so having wishful thoughts, about a possible pregnancy ever since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle first said ‘I do’ back in May.

And while there’s never appeared to be any truth to the whispers, Rebecca theorised that it was possible Meghan was carrying the big folder specifically in front of her stomach today to cover any sort of baby bump.

“Why would she be carrying a folder? Why would she be carrying one?” questioned Kyle.

“Well exactly,” responded Rebecca. “There’s your answer.”

Of course, no one can know for sure if this is true, but it is a good theory. Surely someone like Meghan Markle would have people to carry her folders for her? Especially one as hefty as this one!

Watch the footage of Meghan and Harry arriving in Sydney in the video above and decided for yourself if you think it’s just a little bit suss or not…

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