New research has revealed why people cheat.

In an article in The Journal of Sex Research authors found 77% of people who cheated, did it because they felt unloved by their partner.

Speaking to media, Relationships Expert Chelsea Leight Trescott explained the research further:

“While the guttural reaction to being cheated on is often that the person cheating has fallen out of love, the more accurate reasoning is that the person cheating no longer feels loved by his or her partner.”

Other top reasons that were given for cheating included:

– Wanting more sexual partners (74%)

– Neglected by current partner (70%)


– Drunk or not thinking clearly (70%)

– Boost their own self-esteem (57%)

– Anger towards partner (43%)

– Feeling unattached (41%)

In addition to this, a third of the people questioned admitted that they cheated purely because they just wanted to have sex.

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