Rob McKnight from TV Blackbox is known for blowing the lid on all of the biggest rumours in the TV industry, and today he joined Kyle and Jackie O to chat about one of the most controversial stories circling the world of reality TV at the moment.

Just recently a former contestant of reality show ’House Rules’, Nicole Prince, won a workers compensation case against the Seven Network for reportedly suffering psychological/psychiatric injury during production.

The court ruled that Nicole was an employee of the network rather than just a contestant, despite a clause in her contract that reportedly stated otherwise. So what does this mean for the industry?

Rob joined us this morning to chat about what this could potentially mean for other reality TV show contestants and for all reality shows in the future.

“This is the big question and this is what the industry is now grappling with,” Rob told us. “Interestingly, TV Tonight are reporting this morning that Channel Seven are appealing the decision, and let’s be honest they had to.”

Despite Channel Seven reportedly appealing the decision, news of the case has spread everywhere, even making news internationally according to Rob. With this in mind, it comes as no surprise that other reality TV show contestants have since come out to tell their own alleged experiences within the industry.

Many of these contestants called up to speak on the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning and speak out about how the world of reality TV allegedly affected their own lives.


The first was Davina from Married At First Sight, who was portrayed on her season as the villain for attempting to start a relationship with another groom.

“When I heard about this I was very interested to see what the situation was and what the outcome was because even with my season of MAFS I know there’s still people who are really struggling with the trauma of post-show stuff,” Davina told us about the House Rules case.

In the past, Davina has claimed that producers manipulated her into pursuing a relationship with Dean on the show and she reiterated this with us on air this morning.

While Davina explained that she is very happy now and has moved on with her life, she claimed that at the time that her season aired on TV she was badly impacted by the backlash from the Australian public.

“My whole life is very candid on my social media. I didn’t think I’d have any worries because I already had such a following and I was so open,” Davina said.


“Then you get there and all the producers are like your age and they’re young and they’re cool and you really trust them and you open up to them like they’re your friends.”

“You never think that you would have to go through something like that from going on a TV show,” she added about the backlash. “It was really brutal… They don’t actually care about you.”

Other reality TV show contestants called up to speak about their own experiences including Bec Herning from House Rules and Sam Ball from Married At First Sight.

You can hear what they had to say in the podcast below!

The world of reality TV certainly is a grey area in the TV industry and there are numerous different options on what is right and wrong. Jackie admitted that she could understand the perspectives both of the contestants and of the production companies.

“I think you know there’s some contestants that actually did dumb things on the show and so they can’t complain when it’s shown, I think, and then there’s others that sound like they were really manipulated and not treated very well,” Jackie said.


“There’s no doubt that people on these shows are pushed into doing things that they wouldn’t normally do and they do stupid things but my feeling has always been that if you say something you can’t just complain about it because they used it,” Rob added.

Listen to the entire segment in the podcast!