This morning we spoke to Mazen Kourouche, a man with a bold plan.

Basically, he’s pulled up a chair and plonked himself outside the apple store in George street, awaiting the arrival of the new iPhone 8. Sounds pretty normal, right?

The difference is, he’s the only one there, in the coveted #1 spot – TEN DAYS before the phone is due to arrive.

It may seem a little insane, but there’s good reason for the bold move.

He revealed to Kyle and Jackie O that he intends to sell his position closer to the time.

‘How much do you want for it?’ Kyle asked.


‘I haven’t put a price on it, but last year people were offering up to $2k for it’, Mazen replied.

He’s also creating a video to draw attention to his youtube channel, Mazen Kourouche.

Seems like a pretty solid plan, given the media attention he’s received already!

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