As any ‘Orange Is The New Black’ fan will know, there are serious business opportunities to be made from behind bars – if you’re savvy enough to identify them.

For Piper Chapman, the main character in ‘Orange Is The New Black’, a big money-making scheme was easily identifiable while she was in prison; selling underwear worn by inmates.

In a time where fetishes are a huge market, people are being resourceful and tapping into that market by any means necessary. Now, after seeing Piper’s success in the television show, real inmates are tapping into the money-making scheme – and ACTUALLY smuggling worn underwear out of prison for a pretty profit.

The interest into the fetish went viral, and for the few sites around the world that make money off the dirty business — the episode couldn’t have come at a better time, according to a report on


Alex and his undisclosed business partner, who launched the site in 2015, said while they saw a gap in the market for people wanting to buy used underwear for sexual pleasure — their site soared after the airing of the Netflix series.

“The storyline did send a surge of traffic to our site during the months it aired,” Alex, who didn’t want his surname disclosed, told

“We have no idea who the buyers are, nor do we want to know. We keep all buyers completely anonymous.”

While Alex admits the influence of the OITNB series did wean off, his site is still booming — with one woman this week making a staggering $AU6500 for a single pair of used undies.

“The seller is a student and this is her side income,” he said.

“She’s a popular seller on the site who has a few dedicated buyers.


One of these buyers requested a pair of underwear with “special requirements”, all of which were at a price.

“A few figures were thrown around by the buyer, when the seller jokingly quoted $5000, to which the buyer quickly obliged and bought for this amount.”

Holy cr*p.


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