The Real Housewives of Melbourne are already causing a stir with Lydia Schiavello, 46, calling newcomer Pettifleur “a mongrel” after the 50-year-old described her multicultural background over coffee. 

Lydia said, “You have a very unusual look that I love, is it Indian?” 

Pettifleur replied, “It’s actually Swiss, Dutch, Portuguese and Sinhalese.” 

This then cut to a monologue of Lydia saying “It’s a real mongrel of a woman.. She has some Thai… I forget the others.”

Some are now calling this a racial slur. 


However, the insult followed Pettifleur telling Lydia that she thought she was “pretentious on first meeting her.”

The ladies didn’t stop there however. Pettifleur went on to talk about some of the other housewives and called newbie Gamble Breaux “dumb”.

“First impression of Gamble, you know, I thought she wasn’t that bright,” she said. 

She continued, ‘Less plastic surgery and I think she would look great, maybe a little bit of meat on her body too. She’s too bony.”

Who would have thought the cattiness would have started this early on in the season! 

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